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Smart Home Service

Smart-home technologies put you in control of your home's essential functions, no matter where you are. Electrician NYC's experienced residential electricians can help you design and install the smart home system that fits your needs and goals, from saving energy by adjusting your thermostat and electricity consumption to full-fledged security systems featuring remote monitoring.

Smart home systems are surprisingly affordable, and professional installation from Electrician NYC gives you an extra degree of confidence and peace of mind. To learn what we can do for your home, give us a call at 212-547-8867.

Smart Lighting Services
Even the most energy-efficient lighting systems are a drain on your wallet when lights are left on for no good reason. We all make mistakes, and a smart lighting system can help you erase them. No matter where you happen to be, you'll get a real-time indication of which lights are on in your home, and the power to turn them off when they're not being used. We can even add timers and motion sensors to make your smart lighting system even more effective.

Smart Thermostat Services

Heating and cooling typically account for half of your home's total energy consumption. When your HVAC system plays to an empty house, you may be wasting quite a bit of money each month. Smart thermostats can fine-tune your climate control system to scale back when no one is at home, and to kick in just in time for your return. The result is more money in your pocket and less strain on our energy resources.

Smart Sprinkler Controllers

If you've ever shaken your head at the sight of an irrigation system watering someone's lawn during a rainstorm, a smart sprinkler controller might be just the thing for your house. By deciding when your sprinklers operate and when they leave the irrigation to Mother Nature, you'll save money while helping conserve our most important natural resource.

Smart Home Security Services

Smart devices give you an unprecedented amount of oversight and control over your home's security. From simple devices that let you talk with visitors without opening the front door to full-fledged security systems featuring remote door locks and security cameras, you can choose the degree of control you want over your home. Electrician NYC will do the rest, ensuring that your home security system is installed exactly as it was intended.

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