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Proudly serving New York City and beyond since 1999
About Electrician NYC
For over two decades, Electrician NYC has been one of New York's top rated and most well respected residential, commercial, and industrial electricians — offering extraordinary customer service, years of exceptional knowledge, and vast sums of time-tested experience that is second to none. As a family owned and operated small business, we pride ourselves on helping families and business owners alike with any electrical problem or project that might arise.

At Electrician NYC, we pride ourselves on being different than any other electrical contractor in New York City. As homeowners, we deeply understand the needs of our residential customers. As small business owners, we are all too aware of the challenges our commercial clients face. As a team of industrial level contractors, we understand the exacting and specific needs and regulations that come with industrial jobs. With over 30 of the most talented, friendly, and knowledgeable electricians and electrical professionals servicing our clients throughout our community, Electrician NYC provides superior results and a warm, welcoming attitude that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

Today, we offer a wide assortment of electrical services designed to support our customers — from circuit services, wiring services, electrical panel services, generator services, ceiling fan services, smoke detector services, electrical switch services, outlet services, indoor lighting installation, outdoor lighting installation, smart home services, commercial electrical services, electrical vehicle charger installations, and so much more. The industry has changed a lot over the years, but our commitment to excellence and service has remained powerful and at the forefront of everything we do since we were first founded.

When Electrician NYC first opened our doors back on that chilly December back in 1999, we set out with a single modest, yet lofty, goal in mind: Become New York City's most reliable, trustworthy, and sought-after electrical service provider for both homeowners, apartment owners, and small businesses alike. Within less than a year, our reputation as a friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient team of electricians quickly got us on our way to achieving that goal. As we expanded our services, we were honored to work with different businesses, meet new families, and help build the dreams of other commercial entities as they literally build their business from the ground up. We have watched our client's children grow up, receive holiday cards from past customers, and continue to grow closer as a business with every passing day. Today, after over twenty years, Electrician NYC can proudly say that we have never stopped reaching for that lofty goal, and while we have been consistently rated as one of New York City's most trusted electricians — we will never stop working hard to go above and beyond for our customers.