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Indoor Lighting Installation

Lighting can transform a room, for better or for worse. If your tastes and décor have outgrown your home's lighting scheme, or if your business needs a new, more efficient approach to lighting, Electrician NYC can help. No matter what type of lighting installation you choose, our team of residential and commercial electricians is ready to bring it to life. To discuss how we can help give your space a new look and reduce your energy bill in the process, give us a call at 212-547-8867.

Interior Lighting Installation

Some of our clients choose new lighting to change the look of their spaces. Others replace older fixtures with more energy-efficient ones. Whatever your goals, our skilled and licensed electricians can help you achieve them.

A new lighting system involves more than just choosing the style you prefer. Electrician NYC will carefully consider the impact of your new lighting on your home or business's entire electrical system, and our lighting technicians are specially trained to recommend the right array of fixtures, spaced properly throughout each room, to achieve the results you're after.

We can work with any type of lighting you choose, from space-saving recessed lighting to dramatic pendant lights. We also support projects that demand special lighting, such as media rooms and art displays.

LED Lighting

For most applications, we recommend LED lighting. Unlike earlier attempts to break away from incandescent lighting (like those flickering old fluorescent lights), LED can replicate a wide range of flattering natural light, reducing eye strain and presenting your home and business the way you choose.

LEDs are also far more energy-efficient than other types of lighting. Their popularity has driven down their cost to a point where they cost little more than cheaper alternatives, but on the other hand they last much longer than previous lighting technologies. You might spend a touch more up front, but you'll reduce your electric bill each month while saving you the cost of replacements.

As a side benefit, LEDs can be made to nearly any size you prefer. This makes them perfect for accent lighting within shelves, behind furniture, and in other locations that other lighting solutions can't (or shouldn't) go.

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