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Add Safety and Curb Appeal with Our Outdoor Lighting Services

Outdoor Lighting Installation

We are the country's leading provider of outdoor lighting solutions for homes and businesses. Whether you need the extra security that professional outdoor lighting provides, or just wish to make your home or business more appealing after dark, Electrician NYC's experienced electricians can install the perfect outdoor lighting solution. We got to be the best in the business by treating our customers honestly and with respect, and we'd love to discuss your outdoor lighting project. Give us a call at 212-547-8867.

Landscape Lighting Services

Professionally installed lighting extends the usefulness of your outdoor spaces, turning your deck, patio, and other entertaining areas into warm, welcoming nighttime gathering spots. On a practical note, the right approach to lighting can also make these spaces, and the walkways among them, safer for you and your guests. Whatever your imagination requires, the experienced residential electricians at Electrician NYC can bring it to life.

Security Lighting Services

Our wide array of security lighting services keeps intruders at bay (both the two-legged and four-legged kinds) while giving you peace of mind throughout the night. From spotlights that protect vulnerable parts of your property to floodlights that keep unwanted guests from approaching in the first place, we deliver strategic lighting solutions that put intruders exactly where they least like to be: in full view.
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