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Outlet Installation and Repair

Electrical Switches and Outlets

We seldom think about the wear and tear that electrical outlets and switches endure, but they're prone to damage through normal use, just like the rest of our homes. When you remodel a room or purchase a new major appliance, you may find that your old outlets need replacement. Electrician NYC is ready to recommend the latest high-efficiency electrical switches and receptacles, and our professional electricians ensure that each job is done quickly, safely, and expertly.

Sometimes a renovation or new purchase uncovers dangerously faulty wiring. If you encounter an outlet in your home that has to be fixed right away, we're ready 24/7 at 212-547-8867 to send an emergency electrician straight to your door.

Outlet Repair and Installation

If your outlets have grown too loose to safely hold a plug, if you see sparks every time you plug into a receptacle, or if everything you plug into a certain outlet seems to suffer performance issues, you may well need to repair or replace your outlet.

Even outlets that were properly wired and installed years ago can become dangerous fire hazards over time. It's tempting to believe that just because you use the same outlets each day, you're familiar enough with them to repair or replace them yourself. Don't be fooled: outlets are just as complicated and dangerous as the rest of your home's electrical system.

Most household outlets contain two receptacles, each with holes for three prongs. One connects appliances to your system's 120V hot wire, another to the neutral wire needed to complete the circuit, and the third to the system's ground. When the ground wire is worn, broken, or otherwise interrupted, your home's safety is compromised.

GFCI Outlets
When the insulation surrounding a circuit's hot wire comes in contact with the grounding wire, or when water creates a link between the two, the hot wire's energy is diverted to the grounded part of the circuit. This ground fault, as it's called, creates a huge demand for current—the ground can take as much electricity as your home can throw at it—and can lead to extremely dangerous conditions even before the circuit breaker trips.

Not all outlets are wired carefully enough, and moisture can get into receptacles, especially in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas. Special outlets called ground fault circuit interrupters, or GFCIs, respond to ground faults where they occur, protecting the rest of your electrical system—and your home—from danger.

GFCIs are required in high-risk areas. Electrician NYC can assess your home for compliance with this important part of the electrical code, and can install GFCIs quickly and professionally where needed.

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