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Circuit Breaker Service

Has your need for power outgrown your home's wiring? If you've had to run to the electrical box to reset a tripped circuit breaker, you may need an upgrade. We can help.

Your house's electrical system is divided into several circuits, each of which controls one or more power sources. Circuit breakers keep these circuits from being overwhelmed when we ask too much of them. Ask a 15-amp circuit to power 20 amps worth of equipment, and your circuit breaker will shut it down, protecting your equipment from damage and your home's wiring from dangerous overheating.

With more and more electronic devices providing entertainment, social connections, and even access to work and school, we often find ourselves asking more of our home's circuits than they were designed for.

Replacing a circuit breaker involves more than just swapping out an old part and replacing it with a new one. Our expertly trained, highly experienced technicians are ready to find the cause of your circuit breaker problems, assess your home's entire network of circuits, and deliver a solution that keeps you moving forward now and in the future.

Don't cut corners with your home's wiring. Call 212-547-8867 today for an expert analysis of your needs and a thorough solution to your circuit breaker problems. We offer 24-hour electrician services, so any time is the right time to give us a call.

Why You Should Update Your Old Circuit Breaker

As circuit breakers age, they can become less effective. Electrical problems are the third-leading cause of building fires, and we use more power at home than ever before. When older circuit breakers allow even a bit more power through, they can allow power interruptions, broken connections, and overheating.

We ask more of our homes' circuitry than ever before. If your home's electrical system was designed even a few decades ago, it might not be ready to accommodate every device you own. Chances are that at least one of your home's electrical circuits is pushed regularly to its limit.

Older circuit breakers can allow too much current through, which can lead to power surges that damage your devices and introduce fire hazards. They can also trip incompletely or too quickly, which can cause interruptions to service ranging from flickering lights and malfunctioning devices to the sorts of complete shutdowns that send you to the breaker box.

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